Factory Direct Countertop Replacement

"Our focus is on customer service, resulting in the one of the easiest remodel projects you can do."

Five Easy Steps to Beautiful New Countertops:

  1. The first step in the process is to meet with one of our CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES to learn what your needs and wants are, and the scope of your project. Then we will start the selection process and gathering all of the needed information for your project, we can do this in your home, or in our Design Center, and this is located at our facility. We have a lot of finished products as well as raw materials that can be viewed by our customers.
  2. We will then go into the template part of the process. This is where one of our CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES will make a pattern of your countertops, measuring your cabinets and walls to insure a proper fit.
  3. Then the fabrication process begins using Top Service employees, some of the best craftsmen in the state, insuring the highest quality of our finished product.
  4. Once fabrication is complete the project will be scheduled for installation.
  5. The whole process will take 7-10 days depending on the scope of work that is being provided. And you will only be without your kitchen 2-4 hours the day of installation.
Top Service has always offered Factory Direct Countertop Replacements for customers wanting to upgrade their existing Kitchen and Bath countertops. Our systems are focused on our customer service, resulting in one of the easiest remodel projects you can do. With one of our many products we can offer our customers, GRANITE, QUARTZ, SOLID SURFACE, and LAMINATE countertops.

Not only will you add value to your home, but you will also change the way your kitchen looks, and how you use it. Top Service can offer our customers everything they need to replace their countertops, or as little as needed to be done for our do-it-yourself customers. You will notice our dedication to customer service the minute you contact us.

Factory Direct Countertop Replacements

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